The Reward System

The star ratings provide you with a visual representation of in-game accomplishments and experience.

Each time an advertisement within one of our games is watched in its entirety an in-game reward is granted along with the corresponding token(s).

As you rank up, you earn tokens at a faster and faster pace. For example, when you first start you earn one token for each reward granted. Once you have earned 100 tokens, you rank up and earn a yellow star along with a 1% increase in the tokens earned per reward.

There are 13 ranks. Tokens Per Reward (TPR).

White Rank
0-99 Tokens
1.000 TPR

Yellow Rank
100-499 Tokens
1.010 TPR

Blue Rank
500-999 Tokens
1.050 TPR

Turquoise Rank
1,000-4,999 Tokens
1.075 TPR

Purple Rank
5,000-9,999 Tokens
1.100 TPR

Red Rank
10,000-49,999 Tokens
1.200 TPR

Green Rank
50,000-99,999 Tokens
1.250 TPR

Orange Rank
100,000-249,999 Tokens
1.300 TPR

Black Rank
250,000-499,999 Tokens
1.350 TPR

Silver Rank
500,000-999,999 Tokens
1.400 TPR

Gold Rank
1,000,000-4,999,999 Tokens
1.450 TPR

Ruby Rank
5,000,000-9,999,999 Tokens
1.500 TPR

Diamond Rank
10,000,000+ Tokens
2.000 TPR


Let’s say a player has just earned her 100th token. Since that falls in the category of 100-499 tokens, she is granted a yellow star and a 1% increase in future token rewards.

That means that each time a future reward is granted the corresponding token received is 1.01. As she continues playing and reaches 500 tokens she will be promoted to a blue star and will begin receiving 1.05 tokens per reward.