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“In March 2021, after 30 years of entrepreneurship and thousands of crypto whitepapers, I began reading Ecomi’s v1.0. By the time I made it through page 22…I realized that I was about to embark on a new journey - “This is the greatest assembly of talent and ideas I’ve seen since the creation of Binance…” - I had to find a way to get involved. Within hours of this discovery, I had set up accounts with VeVe and Bitforex and had transferred funds to make my first OMI token purchase – it was a steal at $0.013 [I was a little early].

Shortly thereafter, I began concentrating all my resources to engineer a way to accelerate the deflationary aspect of the OMI token. I spent the next 12 months listening and visiting with the community, reviewing market trends, developing ideas and assembling a team to create what is now called The Empty Vault.

I couldn’t be prouder to offer you the ability to redeem both physical and digital items (including the OMI Token) for playing games and watching ads.

My Deflationary Guarantee - It is impossible to predict future burns or value, but I have made it my mission to remove millions of OMI tokens per day from the circulating supply until it is no longer economically viable.

100% of the revenue generated from the token redemption of physical items will be used to remove the OMI token from circulating supply. However, the token redemption for digital items is a little different…I will personally match the digital redemption token-for-token. (Ex. For every OMI token that you redeem/receive, I will remove one OMI token from the circulating supply.)

Building this site was not a solitary effort. Yes, as an entrepreneur you must open up and let the ideas flow, but dozens of people have contributed to this project - I personally could not have done this without them.

Join me and the team of contributors as we work together to bringing new experiences and features for years to come!

- C. M. Cooper


Quick Tap Studios
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Gabe and his team at Quick Taps Studios accepted this project when the idea consisted of a single game and database. It has evolved to include dozens of games and more data than anyone could ever imagine. His experience and efficient guidance through the development process was exceptional.

Texas Hobby Shop
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Juan at Texas Hobby Shop has donated thousands of items as well as committed hundreds of hours of his time, to ensure the long-term success of The Empty Vault - he has been a personal friend for many years and I look forward to many more.

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