Play Games – Watch Ads – Earn Tokens

Redeem Both Physical & Digital Items With Tokens In Our Store

The Process:

How It Works:

Download and/or update the Cannon Crisis App so that you have the latest version (v1.34 as of August 27, 2022).
As you play Cannon Crisis, you will notice a prompt located at the top of the screen “Press The Lock To Enable Tokens”. If you are interested in the play-to-earn option, press on the lock located in the top right corner of the screen and you will be prompted to join The Empty Vault by logging in with either Google or Apple.
This method is required if you would like to proceed with the play-to-earn option. However, if you do not wish to create an account, you may proceed with regular gameplay and the revenue generated will be used to remove the OMI token from circulating supply.
Currently there are four reward options for watching advertisements:
  • 2X The Points - Two points for each projectile that hits the Viking/Avatar that resides within the broken circle.
  • 2X The Projectile Speed - The projectile leaves the cannon at twice the speed.
  • Burst Mode - Three projectiles leave the cannon per shot.
  • Keep Playing – You can continue playing without losing your points.
Both the play-to-burn and play-to-earn options remove OMI from the circulating supply. However, the play-to-earn option allows you to redeem both physical and digital items with tokens you have earned within the game(s).
If you choose to proceed with the play-to-earn option and have created your account, log-in to begin gameplay and start earning tokens immediately. Every time you watch an advertisement a token is generated and it’s added to your account. Once you generate enough tokens to redeem items, you may proceed to the store. Shipping costs apply to orders of physical items if fewer than 2,500 tokens are used/spent during a single transaction.

Supported Countries/Regions:
Gameplay and Redemption of Digital Items are Available Worldwide.
Physical Items are Limited to US RESIDENTS ONLY.